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"Headin' Home" (2015)

When the Lord Saved Me - Click to Listen
He's a Personal Savior
I Have Not Forgotten - Click to Listen
Jesus is Your Ticket
Search Me
Movin' Up to Gloryland
Life Will be Sweeter Someday
Wonderful Time Up There                                                                                 Headin' Home - Click to Listen                                                                      CD (Donation Accepted)
Stand by Me
Tom's Bonus Track

"Jesus Saves" (2013)

Roll Away Troubled RiverEveryday
I Rest My Case at the Cross
Just a Little Talk with Jesus
As Good as I Could Be
He is to Me
Let's All Stand for America - Click to Listen
Saved by Grace
Jesus Saves - Click to Listen                                                                          CD (Donation Accepted)
He Loves Me
Amazed at the Change
If You Knew Him

"I Believe" (2012)

On the Gloryland Way
Jubilee's a Comin'
Love Came Callin'
God's in the Business
I Wish it Would Rain
Help Me Lord
Hide Thou Me
Long Black Train
Old White Flag                                                                                            CD (Donation Accepted)
This Ole House
Biblically Correct
I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary - Click to Listen 

"Thanks to Calvary" (2009)

Come Home
Who Can Do Anything
He Set Me Free - *Listen*
Walking and Talking With The Lord
On The Jericho Road
Thanks To Calvary
He Touched Me
When The Lord Saved Me
I Know I'm Going There                                                                          CD (Donation Accepted)
Practice What You Preach
Until The Last One Is Home
Cherish That Name

"God's Amazing Grace" (2007)

I'm Not Gonna Worry
Hard Trials
Happy Rhythm
Rocking On The Waves
I Thirst
Stand By Me
That's What Grace Is For
That Day At Calvary
Is Your All On The Altar
Echoes From The Burning Bush                                                          CD (Donation Accepted)
Sinner Saved By Grace
Amazing Grace - *Listen*

"Come Along" (2007)

Oh, Come Along - *Listen*
Something About That Name / I Will Serve Thee
I'm Still Drinking From The Well
Life's Railway To Heaven
The Lord's Prayer
Calvary Answers For Me
Climbing Higher and Higher
Trying To Get A Glimpse
Crimson River
Glory Road                                                                                                CD (Donation Accepted)
Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
Under God


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