Masters Voice Quartet

"Spreading God's Word Through Song"

Joel Juillard

Joel joined the quartet in the 2000.  His voice so expressively shares the message in the gospel songs he loves to sing. Joel not only enjoys singing, he relishes in it. Growing up Joel was in a family quartet and sang all thru high school, college and in Church choirs.  Joel frequently solos in various venues in the community. Joel and his sister Jodi Sproles along with Susan Mantz form a trio called Poured Out.

Joel works at Morrells in Sioux Falls as a production supervisor in the pork cut division.  He and his wife, Bonita, have a combined total of six daughters and twenty- one grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Joel and Bonita attend First Christian Disciples of Christ Church in Sioux Falls.

Joel has also recorded three solo CD projects entitles Come Home, Suppertime and Can I Pray For You.



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